Evaluate - v1.2 by Richard Rosenman

Evaluate - v1.2, © 2008 Richard Rosenman Advertising & Design. Release date: 08/20/03, Updated 09/28/08.


Simply unzip "evaluate.zip" and copy "evaluate.8bf" to your "\Photoshop\Plug-Ins\" folder, or whichever plugin folder your host program uses. Load your program, open an image, go to the plugins menu and select the plugin.


This filter performs various image processing operations through rule-based evaluations."

"Evaluate" can be an extremely powerful filter when used to its full potential. With it's sophisticated rule-based evaluations, it can perform more than 50 different image processing operations ranging from color replacement, color inversion, color swapping, greyscale conversion, color clamping, color multiplication and division, color trigonometrical mathematics, pixel blurring, pixel grain, and much, much more. Any of these effects can be applied to specific color ranges, specific luma ranges, specific color channels or any combination of any of these (and more). "Evaluate" makes specific pixel targeting and isolation very easy to accomplish, providing the user with extremely precise image processing controls.

Relational and Logical Operators:

= Equal to.
!= Not Equal to.
> Greater Than.
>= Greater Than or Equal to.
<= Less Than or Equal to.

Variable Definitions:

(R)ed,(G)green,(B)lue: Red, Green and Blue color channels respectively.

Luma: Pixel luminance value - (R+G+B)/3.

v1,v2,v3: First, Second and Third equation slider values respectively (0-255).

Operation color: This variable specifies the color for various operations.

(1 2) 3, 1 (2 3): Specifies order of operations.
eg. If (Cond1 AND Cond2) OR Cond3, If Cond1 AND (Cond2 OR Cond3).

Reset: Resets all values to default state.

Realtime: Applies all effects (in realtime) on 'mouse drag' instead of on 'mouse release'




1.1 - New GUI design.
1.1 - Windows Vista Compatibility.
1.2 - Added reset button.
1.2 - Preview image now scales correctly to zoom level.
1.2 - Preview no longer flickers on button / slider adjustment.
1.2 - Ability to use up to 3 GB of RAM under 32bit Windows (2000, XP, Vista) and 4 GB of RAM under 64bit Windows (2000, XP, Vista).



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